What the hake should I do tonight?

What the hake?


This nifty idea from Sea Harvest is a website that offers suggestions on where to go or what to do every night. You can pick a city – Cape Town, Durban or Joburg – and it tells you what’s on or you can pick ‘Other’ and browse through other suggestions. Each recommendation displays along with a ‘Hake yes! I’d like more info’ or a ‘Go fish! Next suggestion’ button so you can keep clicking until you find something that suits you.


Anybody know who’dunnit?







  1. Hi rosealix. Thanks for the review on our new website! Sea Harvest introduced this website to add further convenience to the lives of our City Singles target market, by giving them suggestions of whatthehake to do on any given night… The digital agency responsible for conceptualising and implementing the idea was Quirk e-marketing.
    Regards, Jared Patel – Sea Harvest Brand Manager.

  2. Quirk rocks 🙂 Nifty guys, very nifty.

  3. I have used it a couple of times and it’s really awesome. I love that the suggestions on what to do just keep coming. Well done Quirk!

  4. Reminds you of? shees…
    the corrolation between brand and concept seems a bit far fetched for me. Seems a bit like “I have this awesome idea, now let’s find a client who will buy it!”
    Added: It is executed really nicely, so in that case, well done Quirk!