A Case Study: Good Hope FM Mobile Band


A mobile campaign for Good Hope FM by 140 BBDO: Listeners were encouraged to connect with their mates and start a band – by giving them separate parts of a song to download on their phones (vocals, drums, guitar or bass).



Copywriter: Mike Pearson, Johann Schwella, Daneel Malgas

Art Director: John Letherbarrow

Executive Creative Director: Ivan Johnson



  1. A band…on Goodhope FM…seriously? Does 140 even listen to Goodhope FM? It’s not really that kind of station, if you know what I mean. This proactive-pseudo-scam-oh-shit-it’s-nearly-Loeries-deadline-and-we’ve-got-nothing-kind-of-work is really transparent…

  2. Done. Went viral. NY subway band with iphones.