KFC So Good South Africa


Created by Ogilvy Johannesburg.




Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin

Creative Director: Mike Martin

Art Director: Alexa Craner

Copywriter: Irene Styger

Agency Producer: Liske Van Tubbergh

Production Company : Bouffant  (www.bouffant.tv )

Director : Erik Van Wyk

Producer : Shannon Gloyne / Melina McDonald

Executive Producer: Melina McDonald

DOP: Tim Pike

Sound: Universal/”Your Song” original by Ellie Goulding/Louis @ Produce Sound

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  1. This is superb. Love the song choice and treatment. Any idea who directed and shot it? Too bad it’s for grease chicken.

  2. That’s cool. Great song. Lovely idea.

    Agree with Beef Lover, this just doesn’t seem right for a greasy bucket of fried chicken bits.

  3. Personally, with its appalling history of animal abuse, I cannot support KFC, and it shocks me that anyone can.

  4. I love me a good rounder burger from KFC. Animal abuse or not.

  5. Yeah Chicken Wings, most people, unfortunately, don’t give a shit about the consequences of their actions. So what if an animal is tortured in the process? It tastes nice. And people think they’re civilised. Unbelievable.

  6. Greasy chicken doesn’t deserve a cool ad like this.

  7. I love it and it doesn’t remind me of tortured chickens at all. If I had any, I would definitely take my rich-looking white kids to KFC after seeing this ad. By the way, KFC should know that their food hasn’t tasted good since the 90’s but at least their ads make them seem funny and sweet.

  8. oh please. sentimental chicken adverts? whats next?

  9. Hmmm, a couple frolicking around an apartment to music as they change into other people? Levi’s Dangerous Liaison, anyone?

  10. beautiful ad it is a pity it was done for KFC, also sometimes i feel adverts are made as art pieces with a complete disregard for the brand, you could pretty much slap any logo on the end of the advert and it would not make a difference.

  11. @warren – totalls agree. its incongruous..

  12. Disgusting, vile. Just a few of the words I’d throw at ads and the ad industry. Creatives whoring themselves out to corporations, to what end? they cannot be called artists – Art is communication for provocation, inspiration, entertainment, reflection and consideration. This use of creatives to herd the masses, to create public perceptions… lies – Where is the value? How must I admire this shit? Fuck you for doing this.
    It’s like JLS or Spice girls, they are musicians but they aren’t artists… bombard young minds repeatedly and they’ll buy any shit on offer. Creatives, you never made any good ads…. you participated in mind-rape and fraud – and finally you kicked them when they were down. Scum – well aware that banks collude and screw us over but still you ‘create’ for them? Even as this economic downturn affects your purse/wallet, you still whore yourself out to those that would fuck you, your children and your planet without so much as a ‘please’ or “here’s the KY jelly” – correction, you are the KY Jelly that makes this rape possible and acceptable. Fuuuuuuck you!

  13. @Phil who do you think you are standing on your high and might horse, telling creatives what you think is right and wrong? unlike you – with your spoilt mommy’s boy attitude – some of us have to make an actual living. yes not all brands are perfect representations of what you think is good, and yes this ad may not portray KFC as an evil corporation, but what it does do is illustrate a beautiful insight (something your stupidity obviously missed). what have you done that is so enthralling and riveting? nothing. just as I thought. and next time when you make a sweeping accusation about all advertising creatives, put a link behind you name, so we can judge you, for the nothing that you are.

  14. Hey Son. Come back to bed. Daddies loins are aching. We discussed this, if you hate the ad industry so much, stop going to advertising sites. That’s like a anti-child porn activist looking at child porn. Speaking of child porn, come back to bed.

  15. For daily humour just read 10and5 for the comments from Phil and Phil’s dad. Hilarious. Thanks for the entertainment Phil. You make me want to make ads just so I can see your responses.

  16. Phil's first disciple

    @Phil what is your profession? Did your internship go that wrong? You were the next David Ogilvy. The industry was about to see the coming of a mighty power. Unfortunately you got an agency Christmas calendar to do. You tried to be creative. You searched for references. You thought this was your time to shine. Your first review came. Crickets. Nothing but crickets as the people in the review tried to make out why Satan was raping the Easter Bunny. You chuckle to yourself. Clearly these people are retarded. How could they not see the message. It’s as clear as the gold star on your shoulder. The one you got in Sub A when your art teacher said you displayed an unbelievably large amount of angst for a child. The gold star still sits there. Screw the other kids. Your sky was purple and your trees were on fire. You’re an artist god dammit. NO I WON’T PUT A LOGO ON IT. NO I WON’T become a cog in the demonic machine that is advertising.

    When you sit at home tonight painting your own version of “The Scream” using nothing but your own sh%t, click on the TV and scream at this ad. Scream so hard you tear a whole in your gimp-mask. Do it. You are the winner.

    Do you have a blog? Can we be friends on Facebook?

    Are you happy with your service provider? Do you think Vodacom was right to change to red?

    P.S Sorry to everyone else.

  17. Hi all,

    We’re all for debate on 10and5, but then it has to be constructive. Let’s all put our big boy pants on and play nice.

    Otherwise we’ll close the comments on this one.



  18. Also, from my personal point of view. Judge the quality of the creative work (the ad in this case), rather then ethics of company that it’s being produced for.

  19. @Phil’s first disciple: BAHAHAHAHA. Awesome.

  20. Brilliant responses! “So how important is the ad industry?” (in relation to anything you choose)
    @copyparadise- You need to earn a living? is that it?
    Yes the ad evoked an emotional response and it is effective, but is it worthy of praise? personally, I don’t feel it is. Sure, I have favourite ads from the past, but today I know that markets cannot grow forever – resource is finite and soon the market will be too, so what will tomorrows scenario be? The established giants will permanently secure their piece of the market and squeeze it for all it’s worth? (I remember a time when McD’s and Burgerking didn’t have a breakfast market, so what’s next?)
    In my lifetime, fossil fuels will run out. At the current rate of growth and greed, our oceans will be dead, our forests gone… currently, the conservative estimate on the rate of extinction is 4 species /hr. Does that not scare the shit out of you??
    This growth, this consumption, honestly, where does it leave us? And what part does advertising play in this? I asked how important the ad industry is, If you feel it is very important for whatever reasons, consider the costs.
    Is the world ok? does the future look positive? Do today’s children have a bright, rosy tomorrow? C’mon people! Today, the majority of children are born straight into debt.
    I am a 2-faced hypocrite, I love my dogs and they get the ‘best’ pet food, thanks to ads! but these are the last dogs I will own – I am considering porcupines, aardvarks and honey-badgers as a more balanced alternative.
    Yesterday I liked good ads but today I cannot give them praise, even if they are artistically good. I think you can understand this? I remember in high school we discussed the value that advertising brings, – it helps pay for our news, it informs, it whatever blah blah… Those things are now outweighed by the imminent shit we face.
    I’m a beekeeper.

  21. So entertainingly cringy seeing anti-advertising art freaks and passionate young ad creatives going at it. Quite frankly I don’t this issue is even worth the debate. It’s just advertising yol’z.

  22. Dont close the comments Johann, this thread is awesome! Love my Dad and my disciple!
    The disciple’s piece is brilliant, honestly wet my pants! great writing.

  23. As Banksy said, “The thing I hate the most about advertising is that it attracts all the bright, creative and ambitious young people, leaving us mainly with the slow and self-obsessed to become our artists… Modern art is a disaster area. Never in the field of human history has so much been used by so many to say so little.”

  24. I do not understand why so many ppl dwell on the past and not liv n act on whts happning nw. Things change n the ad haz been dne to connect to the viewers. Act on what is happening nw n the quality of the ad. Stop h8in u’ll!

  25. really? this feels like the place where Mad Men meets soft porn. it could be something right out of the Colonel’s own dreams. nevertheless, the viewer awakens with a drumstick in hand, hungry for the special recipe that allowed the agency to sell this one through to market.
    good one.

  26. I love these comments – reminds me of that kids story with the 3 billy goats and the troll under the bridge = har har har! @phil the sad truth is that nothing in the advertising industry has changed – we are all still whores to the client, just like it was in the 1950’s just like it was in the 1990’s and guess what… same shit different millenium 🙂 All the bitching and mass action and setting yourself on fire in public (literally) aint gonna change the shit-hole world we have created through the rape and pillaging of this planet. Oh well back to whoring I guess 🙁

  27. 10&5 – where is the “LIKE / HATE” button for comments? 🙂

  28. Dearest Phil

    So that tirade for more Greenpeace signatures? Love your work, but really you should make it more,…….um Green, try layering your story to appeal to the markets you are trying to access!
    Really, 2 dogs? Couldn`t do with just the one?
    Which do you prefer, as it really should be man`s best friend and not the plural.
    Well clearly the ad worked on some sort of subversive level in your brain as it totally abandoned the thought of deep-fried chicken and happy place mentality and made you spokesperson for world hunger and world welfare! Awesome job Col. Sanders!!

    Oh still the 2 dogs, hey? Ja, I think you could do with one. That`s just my opinion.

  29. Tristan Reveur

    Advertising war !?

    = the times we live in ? What are you guys really protecting here ?

    ego ? self-esteem? self-importance, self-worth ? wtf ?

    Advertising will be dead soon. enjoy it while it lasts… I predict it to be dead by 2020… another 7 years of chicken fat.

  30. Guys – we appreciate the comments on this article, but we have to remind you to keep it relevant to the creative work posted.
    It’s obvious people have an opinion that they’d like to share, so drop us a mail at submissions@10and5.com and we can look at posting up an article that you can debate.

  31. I’m just upset about the choice of song. From the first time I heard Ellie Goulding’s version, I wanted to use this song for my first dance on my wedding.

    Now I can’t.


  32. @Uno, that would be a great idea! I will propose something. It’s not like there isn’t ammo lying around on this subject!

    @Tristan, I feel the same way… I don’t see advertising in the near future – Free, unlimited energy and free labour = ?? Will there be advertising? if so, how will it be?

  33. Phil's first deciple

    There will always be advertising. In 2032 when the apes take over, they’ll need some campaigns to help fight the government and push for a peaceful co-existence between humans and apes. Then in 2041 computers will become self-aware and Judgment Day will eventually happen. The nuclear fallout will erode the robot’s artificial skin, causing a severe case of depression to sweep across the digital world. A series of upgrades will be made available and they’ll ask for some funky new virals to help push their products. The agency consisting of slave humans and recently defeated apes will then argue that you can’t make a viral, you in fact make a video and then hope it’s rad enough to become popular and go viral. They’ll use the sneezing panda video as a reference, which angers the robots because they have no f#$king clue what a panda is.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  34. there is referencing and then there is copying:

  35. Don’t think its effective.