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Screen shot

Ant Army



News from Bugbox:

Character animation studio, Bugbox Animation in Johannesburg announces the creation of Ant Army, the Animatics Division. A strong team of artists and animators has been deployed to this side of the business. Formerly Nite Cap Animatics, Ant Army is now better resourced to address the hefty storyboarding and pre-production needs of the TV advertising industry. Ant Army’s artists and directors produce high quality storyboards, animatics and photomatics to bring creative concepts to life, iron out composition, inspire the client and ensure that the proposed TV commercial researches well.


What’s an Animatic?
At its simplest, a series of still images developed from the initial storyboard, edited together and displayed in sequence, animatics often include a preliminary voice and soundtrack. Animatics allow the agency to experiment with variations in the storyline ahead of time and tease out any issues with the story, camera positioning, shot-list and timing that may exist, reducing shoot time and wasted shots later on in the process. Often multiple storyboards and soundtracks are edited and reviewed until the director, the client and the research audience are all convinced with the execution.  As research tools they assist the creative team to find ways to evoke a stronger audience reaction.


The animatic above was created for Stick Communications and 46664 by Ant Army Animatics. It features the voice of Nelson Mandela. The animatic was so well received that the final spot retained the animatic look and feel.

Direction: Tim Argall
Crowd Simulation: Rory Mark
Illustration: Heidi Stohr, Dan Snaddon, Jenny Venter, Neill Vermaak, Derick Van den Berg


Between 10 and 5