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Featured: Kirsten Sims

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Kirsten Sims is in her third and final year studying Applied Design at the Stellenbosch Academy. These are some of her charming and unusual pieces.


She lets us know a bit more, “I love experimenting with mixed media in my work, including: collage, watercolour, pen and ink, gouache and various printing processes. I am currently busy making three books as a self-motivated event for my final graduation exhibition. Three completely different stories, but each explores my love of writing, reading, drawing and designing in a different way. Im loving the luxury of just being able to create whatever I desire. I find immese joy in storytelling, and being able to caputure the big and small moments we keep stored in our memories, in an image. Whether on a magazine, cd, or book cover; a poster; or even on a series of take-away ice-cream cups. ”




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