Mahala & 10and5: Printslam at Oppikoppi



Mahala & Between 10and5 need your help to make this year’s Printslam at Oppikoppi the best yet. Read about how you can score yourself a free ticket to the festival (!!) and get your work exhibited:


Hosh may laanies! So Mahala and 10and5 are collaborating to bring Printslam to Oppikoppi this year and we’re calling for contributions. Prinstlam is Oppikoppi’s annual Poster Art Project and this year we’re looking for your original artworks inspired by the concept of Aluta Continua… yes we want you to make visual art that captures the struggle of original South African Music! Think starving artists, busking musos, broke ass bass guitarists couch surfing from groupie digs to groupie digs. We all know making original South African music is often a thankless task and we want to celebrate all the freaks, prodigies and unsung geniuses who put their livelihoods on hold to bring you the music and keep the dream alive.


Or you could go with Plan B and produce some art inspired by this year’s theme of the Unknown Brother. Either way we’re onto a winner…


If your contribution is accepted we can’t promise you much more than a classy A1 print of your work, love, fame and a free ticket to this year’s Oppikoppi. Days are short, time is fleeting and the deadline for involvement is the 28th of July 2011.


Your poster needs to be designed to A1 portrait but please make your entry a preview image saved as either a jpeg or PDF smaller than 5megs. We’ll be in contact with winners for high-res artwork files.




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Image by Rouleaux van der Merwe


Between 10 and 5