JR in Cape Town



World renowned yet still somewhat anonymous street artist and photographer, or rather as he calls it ‘photograffeur’, JR will be pasting his unique art around Cape Town over the next 5 days.


Not concerned by boundaries, political or other, he is most well-known for his Face 2 Face project in 2007 and ‘Woman are Heroes’. For Face 2 Face (the biggest illegal photo exhibition ever) JR took portraits of Palistinians and Israelis and pasted them up face to face in both countries on both sides of the separation barrier.


For his Woman project he pasted massive portraits of local women in Africa, Brazil, India and Cambodia onto their surrounding infrastructure.


Shani Judes of SJ Artists is managing his project in Cape Town. She’ll be keeping us up to date as the art goes up over the next few days. You can follow her on twitter where she’ll be posting live pics:!/sjartists



Between 10 and 5