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Pendoring 2011



If you didn’t already guess, the campaign for the Pendoring Awards 2011 is about how great the prizes are this year. And they really are, take a look.


The campaign also includes a blog – Dis hoe ons rol – that follows Renier Zandberg en Nico Botha , the 2010 Pendoring Prestige winners, around New York. Part of their prize was a study trip to anywhere in the world. They chose Johannes Leonardo in New York.  Their daily updates will make you really wanna win.


The Afrikaans advertising awards are in their 17th consecutive year and invite agencies and companies that realise the value of Afrikaans advertising to a significant and sought-after target market, to strut their stuff by entering the Pendoring Advertising Awards.


Get involved:

Entries close: 15 August
Gala event: 21 October



Pendoring 2011 poster-1

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