Pendoring 2011



If you didn’t already guess, the campaign for the Pendoring Awards 2011 is about how great the prizes are this year. And they really are, take a look.


The campaign also includes a blog – Dis hoe ons rol – that follows Renier Zandberg en Nico Botha , the 2010 Pendoring Prestige winners, around New York. Part of their prize was a study trip to anywhere in the world. They chose Johannes Leonardo in New York.  Their daily updates will make you really wanna win.


The Afrikaans advertising awards are in their 17th consecutive year and invite agencies and companies that realise the value of Afrikaans advertising to a significant and sought-after target market, to strut their stuff by entering the Pendoring Advertising Awards.


Get involved:

Entries close: 15 August
Gala event: 21 October



Pendoring 2011 poster-1

Pendoring 2011 poster-2

Pendoring 2011 poster-3








    i suggest we start a forum for this kind of bs

  2. dcock, what are you trying to say?

  3. almost a carbon copy dude.
    the designed overlays and color grade are nearly identical.
    this is embarrassing to say the least.
    the only way work like this can be copied is if it is clearly labeled as a parody.
    im not just talking about this piece of work btw; our credibility as SA creative agencies is being put in jeopardy by ripping other peoples work.
    The worst part is that it is being SHOWCASED for all to see on this site.
    Lets do some homework before posting work on 10and5 please.

  4. dcock. i see what you mean. but i think it is unfair to blame 10and5 for featuring the campaign. the role of the site is to showcase work. it would be very unrealistic to expect them to research/know whether or not every piece of work they put up has “been done” before posting it.

  5. i dont have a problem with 10and5 at all hey:)

    its the plagiarism in SA thats killing me.

  6. lets be honest. EVERYTHING has been done before. so stop being a cock. if you hate it so much then go to pendoring and ask them if you can do the campaign next year and do something truly original.
    don’t know if you’ve noticed but our credibility as south african agencies is sky high, and i highly doubt that one campaign that was made for a language specific award show and that happens to mimic a clip on vimeo is going to change or affect anything.

  7. “mimic a clip on vimeo” ??
    its a blatant rip of some truly creative work.
    i see ripped work on this site EVERY week!
    your argument seems to condone the plagiarism of other people’s work.
    give yourself a pat on the back.

  8. guys – 10and5 is a showcase. You must remember that a showcase can be positive or negative. We actually want to show how much work gets ripped off, so that clients know that they’ve been hoodwinked, but also how original a lot of other stuff is.

    We don’t actively go out and do this, but we don’t filter out work because of it. There might be another element to the campaign that is relevant/unique/intriguing.

    If anything, you should see this as a healthy system of checks-and-balances and solid peer review. Keep the opinions coming 🙂

  9. dcock = it’s-been-done-police