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Power Play Energy Drink – The Griffin Movement



Power Play has ditched the flying, roundhouse-kicking monk from the can and have replaced him with a new icon, a mythical Griffin, aiming to refresh their image. More info:


The Griffin Movement rolled out in two phases, the first being the introduction of the Griffin through graffiti walls, blogs and other social networking platforms while public relations amplified the messaging through a creative media engagement campaign. A Power Play television advert introduced the Griffin and the philosophy, and inspired a following for the movement’s primary tenet to do things differently.


The second phase of the campaign will introduce short documentaries of real-life heroes with extraordinary stories who advocate living outside of the norm. The rebrand is in line with Power Play’s focus on strengthening its reputation through self-expression, aspiration and empowerment. As the most popular energy drink on the market, Power Play provides the energy that sustains the spirit to produce the extraordinary; it is edgy and fresh. The Griffin Movement has brought the brand to life and reinvented it not only within the category but within the beverage market itself.


Find out more about the movement HERE.

Old & New cans

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