New from Cell C – SA Urban Dictionary

Cell C has recently launched a new tactical campaign/idea/microsite called the South African Urban Dictionary. It’s very similar to the standard Urban Dictionary, but with only South African words.

With, Cell C is literally putting the power in your hands!

On June 16th 1976, a group of incredibly brave young students embarked on a protest march, making their voices heard against the injustices of the time. They were fighting to learn in a language that they understood. Thanks in large part to their actions, we’re now free to express ourselves using whatever words or language we choose.

Cell C is going to get the youth of South Africa talking, and celebrating their own language, and others by starting a South African Urban Dictionary, It’s the platform for the youth to express themselves in a way that they understand. It also creates a way for the youth to share their words with peers of different cultures, and learn something in the process.

Currently the most popular words are:

  • Awe
  • Stoked
  • Booya
  • Amped
  • Es Nca
  • Choon
What are your thoughts?

Between 10 and 5