A big THANK YOU to our readers

Dear readers,


Everyone here at Between 10 and 5 would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and great community that you’ve helped us build. Today marks the day that we hit 1 Million page views since the day we started 10and5 (the graph misses a month or two since we started). We could not have done this without you. The graph above shows our month-on-month growth since the day we started (as well as our slumps over the Holiday periods). You’ll notice that the growth for this year is considerably higher than the previous years, and the rate is even better. This is all because of you guys! We now have a reach of between 17,000 and 20,000 unique users a month, who collectively generate 70k-80k page impressions a month. We love every single one of you.


When Johann and I started Between 10 and 5, we knew that we wanted it to grow and become a serious source for inspiration in the local design community. We set ourselves some goals and basic principles, the core of this was to publish something every day. And we did this – we stuck to our guns and had something on the site every day. In fact, we’ve grown it so much that we now publish an average of 3 posts a weekday, and sometimes this bumps to up to 7 posts a day (when things are REALLY busy!).


We’ve also had some great help along the way. Some of you might know our editor and go-to person for everything 10and5 – Alix-Rose Cowie. She’s been our longest contributer and is now also our full-time editor. She is responsible for all posts and updates you’ve seen on the site, and recently she’s also put together some amazing projects like our Elizabeth Galloway collaboration and our CityMob/Posters experiment (which went well and we’re doing it again!). 10and5 has been helped by various other people along the way – Leonie von Haase, Mari Basson, Kate Desmarais, Kate Butcher, Lee-Ann Orton, Stephan Steyn, Jonathan Duguid and Lucas Adams have helped us from time to time as well and are responsible for some of the other great posts you might have seen on the site. Leonie was instrumental in our awesome Serenade Your Walls projects last year, as well as laying the foundation for our Online Shop (which is getting a pretty cool revival soon!). She also put together the very successful Bierfest at the Loeries last year – we hope everyone will attend the event this year as well! To Alix, Leonie, Mari, the Kates, Lee-Ann, Stephan, Jonathan and Lucas – an ENORMOUS thank you.


I personally want to thank ALL of the people who have helped make 10and5 what it is today. From our contributors who send us regular work and make our lives easier to post stuff up, to our readers and our commentators who leave us things to think about (or sometimes moan about), and to the people who enter our competitions (almost 100 entries on our Vida competition!), the designers who create original work, and everyone basically!


Thank you very much, and I hope we can continue to keep you inspired, motivated and showcase great South African design. Onwards and upwards!


Uno de Waal
Publisher: Between 10 and 5


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