Feiyue Presents “SHAPES” – An Artistic Window Display Campaign



International footwear brand, Feiyue are running a month long window display campaign in collaboration with Mooks and 4 local illustrators. Starting tomorrow each illustrator will use the window of the Mooks store in Rosebank, Joburg, as a blank canvas for their art. The public are invited to watch the artists as they work to see how they transform the window display into an installation.


The campaign, known as the ‘Shapes’ campaign started overseas in February and South Africa is the latest installment. Feiyue has asked each artist to use their interpretation of the theme ‘Shapes’ to be the inspiration for their piece.


The first local artist to participate will be Gerhard van Wyk. Between 10and5 will be covering the live art-making and getting to know the artists each week.


Here’s our Q&A with Gerhard –


Between 10and5:  Let’s start at the beginning – When did you first know you wanted to be an illustrator?

Gerhard: I don’t think I ever had a moment where I knew I wanted to ‘be’ a illustrator. I know that there have been moments when I experienced such joy by looking at drawings and wanted to be someone who can give the same joy to others through drawing kief things.


10and5: Did you study Art or Design to develop your skills?

Gerhard: I studied Information design at the University of Pretoria. The word ‘Information design’ is used to confuse and impress clients so that they hopefully pay me more 🙂


10and5: Would you say you’re the kind of illustrator who is drawing all the time or do you wait for inspiration to strike?

Gerhard: I wish I was drawing all the time. I draw when the inspiration hits and try to do completely different things when it’s not hitting. Like playing guitar or messing around with a old espresso machine.


10and5: What’s your favourite subject matter to tackle?

Gerhard: Satisfaction.


10and5: And your preferred medium?

Gerhard: Pen and Ink.


10and5: What are the advantages to being an illustrator in South Africa?
Gerhard: Illustrating in South Africa.


10and5: Fellow artist/designer/illustrators who you admire?

Gerhard: Johannes Roos (Writer), Louis Minnaar (No introduction needed), Jacob Israel (Music tunes), Maaike Bakker (Drawing and general awesomeness), Jaco van der Merwe (Beat Poet), Nic Grobler (Motion and Cycling), Gerhard Uys (Pictograms), Albert Viljoen (Words).


10and5:  The theme for the Feiyue + Mooks window displays is ‘Shapes’, what does this bring to mind?

 Gerhard: People sailing like snakes across a concrete floor.


10and5: If you were a shapeshifter, what would you turn yourself into?

Gerhard: Mountain goat or jock of the bushveld.


10and5: Without giving too much away, how are you planning on interpreting the theme?

Gerhard: Characterised negative space.


10and5: What do you enjoy most about the creative process?

Gerhard: Caffeine breaks.


10and5: And lastly, what would your dream brief be?
Gerhard: A daily satirical comic strip.




By Gerhard van Wyk


See Gerhard work his ‘Characterised negative space’ magic at the Mooks store in Rosebank, Joburg tomorrow from 1pm-5pm.


The first window display will be up until the 4th of August when it’s time for the next artist:


5 August – 11 August: Steven & Telri (Paperjet)

12 August – 18 August: Sindiso Nyoni (R!ot)

19 August – 26 August: Nicholas Kerr (Dekor)


And at the end of the campaign you’ll be able to vote for your favourite window design.


You can also follow the campaign on the Feiyue facebook page.



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