Luma and Kronk for MiWay


MiWay launched their ‘Speed Quote’ campaign and Luma was once again approached to oversee the direction and animation. To push the campaign even further, they collaborated with local superstar illustrator Kronk to come up with the backgrounds and illustrations.

Agency: Kojak films
Director: Jason Cullen
Animation,Lighting, Compositing: Tim Morar
Illustrations: Kronk
Additional Shading: Athanase Georgellis
Additional Animation: Chris Weiffering, Jason Cullen








  1. Kronk’s illustrations are GORGEOUS! Esp. the last frame in pink!

    On the other hand, I think I can truthfully say that granny is the most insulting character the South African advertising industry has come up with since the vodacom Meerkat. Ugh.

  2. never thought i wud say this about anything to do with kronk but all in all… eeeww!

  3. Oh well.

  4. Wow the detail Kronk my Bro way to go!!!!!
    Who needs colour,Flippen koel@#*!

  5. king kronk !

  6. I HATE the stupid granny!Is insurance meant for cartoon characters? No thank you!

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone. Wow, there be some heat about the granny! I better tell the client! 🙂

    @Anon – what specifically is eeeww? We like to hear feedback.

    @me – ouch – you kill me comparing it to the Meerkat (slitting my wrists) But thanks for the comment anyway.

  8. ps.

    @Kronk – thanks for all your hard work!