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If you were driving on William Nicol near Bryanston High and Atlas Road, Boksburg on Thursday and Friday last week you would’ve noticed that the trees lining the road had suddenly bloomed big, colourful flowers over night. The mystery flowers got quite a bit of attention online with a few hundred tweets streaming in asking ‘who?’ and ‘why?’. It was revealed on Monday that this is part of the 94.7 Highveld Stereo Breakfast Xpress #SmileDammit campaign.


#SmileDammit captures the essence of the Breakfast Xpress show and its personalities but also encourages people to see the lighter side of Joburg and life in general.


Ravi Naidoo, 94.7 Highveld Stereo station manager explains, “Everyone in Johannesburg is under pressure. Each morning we get up, rush to work, rush to school, and rush from meeting to meeting. But with the Breakfast Xpress we can all take a moment every morning and smile with the team.”


Below are just a few of the comments that featured on social networks:

“@DDannhei: Winter trees on William Nicol covered in colourful flowers this morning, looks great but why?”

“@ClaireMcKaySA: What’s up with the colourful trees on William Nicol opposite Bryanston High? Looks so cool, was driving so no photo taking unfortunately.”

“@SnowgooseSA: Wow, Spring came early to Bryanston! #jhbblossoms”


The roll out of the #SmileDammit campaign will continue with surprises for listeners and drivers. Can’t wait to see what they’ll be!



Creative agency: Black River FC
Digital comms: Retroviral Digital Communications


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