Rad Poofum


Rad Poofum


Poofums are a very cute range of plush toys by Paisley and Puddles – Paisley Skye Vivier and Jade Ashton Scully; two laid back cousins who love to create fantastical characters out of thread. Here’s their story:


What started as a small way to raise the money for a brand-spanking new sewing machine has turned out to be mega fun Poofum madness. We mostly make bunnies, fruit, badges and speech bubbles but we’re also killer at taking your kooky, crazy requests and turning them into whatever it is your furry-lovin’ heart desires.


Sadly the Paisley part of the equation has flown away on a big silver plane to go live in San Francisco but Puddles (Jade) is keeping the fort spick and span. The felt toys we make are handmade with lots of care and love. While it might take a while to finish one Poofum it’s totally worth the wait.


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Watermelon Poofum
Bunny Poofum
Smiley Poofum
Fruit Poofums
Panda poofum
Two-headed tortoise

Between 10 and 5