Eliza Roza

My Day Job: Eliza Roza | Movie Planner

Eliza Roza


This week’s My Day Job feature is with Eliza Roza,  movie planner by day, psychology student by night and yoga enthusiast the rest of the time. She is the movie planner for M-Net, MM1 & MM2. So basically she gets paid to watch movies all day. Jealous much? We found out what goes into being a movie planner.


Between 10and5: Please let us know your official (or unofficial) job title.

Eliza:  SA Movie Planner – Acquisitions


10and5: What do you have to know to do what you do?

Eliza: A passion for movies that goes beyond just liking or disliking a movie. Movie plot, actors, directors, box office success, genre, popularity, estimated budgets… you really need to love every aspect of a movie!


10and5: Do you study for this job, if so, what and where?

Eliza:  I didn’t study for this position specifically, I did however, go to Film School to learn to be a director, editor and producer.  I happened to be at the right place at the right time when I landed my bum in the butter with this position! I worked in Television Production and live TV for 5 years before this position.


10and5: Your favourite movie?

Eliza: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, WALL-E, 500 Days of Summer, Being John Malkovich, Fight Club, Vanilla Sky, A Portrait of a Lady, Eat Pray Love, Super 8, Napoleon Dynamite, Anchorman – I could go on… I have many.


10and5: And your worst movie of all time?

Eliza: Wow, The Back Up Plan! But I’m not allowed to say that! (sooo bad, cringed all the way through) But what can I say, the masses love Jennifer Lopez!


10and5: What kinds of things to you take into account when scheduling?

Eliza:  Popularity, Genre, Timeslot, Box Office success, Star appeal, Consumer psychology.  And the budget!


10and5: What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Eliza: One of the Von Trapp kids in The Sound of Music.  I’d live inside a musical if I could… some days I do!


10and5: Advice to those who want to do what you do?

Eliza: Be prepared to fight hard to get your foot in the door.  Know the right people.  And then work your ass off!  Mistakes can cost you your job.  Especially when the mistakes have financial repercussions.


10and5: Any industry secrets?

Eliza: Working in the Television industry is the same as any other industry, just with a little more dramatics!  But we’re normal, just like you… kind of…  Some great shows coming to M-Net in the next couple of months:  X-Factor starts in October.  Game of Thrones starts in September.  The Emmy’s are also in September.  And we have a phenomenal movie line up from now until March 2012!


10and5: Your dream job?

Eliza: To be a travel blogger, a yoga teacher and a psychologist! I’m currently finishing off my psychology degree and will be going to yoga teacher’s training soon!  Anyone want to pay me to travel blog for them??


Thanks Eliza!


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