VW Tiguan: Get Out There


Above is some recent print work we did for Volkswagen’s Tiguan that now come standard with Bluemotion Technology, meaning you can now get out into the wild and drive your SUV, safe in the knowledge you are being kinder to the environment. To read the copy just click on the images to zoom in.


Created by Ogilvy Cape Town.








  1. loerie grand prix

  2. Why are the animal sounds incorrect? Also, why did they reuse the grass/clouds/sun for each one?

    Am I missing something?

  3. did ogilvy ct open a creche?

  4. lol@jaco 🙂
    i have the SAME questions dude.

  5. Chest Rockwell

    @Jaco: I assume it’s because your kids haven’t been “out there” so don’t know what sounds the animals they see in books (or something) make. If they get “out there” with the Tiguan, then they’ll know the great outdoors and its animals. At least, i think that’s it.

  6. Nice idea… Instead of paying an illustrator, real kids’ drawings might have made the idea a bit stronger though. And they would’ve been cheaper – a box of Crayolas and a Tempo sounds like a good deal.