The Stayover - Full Bench


The Stayover - Full Bench

The Stayover - Full Bench



Five45 Team


Philip Robertson, Richard Steele, Lize Loftie-Eaton, Graeme Cuthbert and David Robertson are Five45, an industrial design team who have created The Stayover. As part of their final year Industrial Design project at CPUT, they were tasked with a brief to design, develop and market a product. Their goal, to make R5 000 profit by the end of the year, hence Five45 was born.


About the product: We chose to design a furniture item because we were frustrated with highly over-priced products in the market. From this basis we further developed key goals that our product should address. We wanted to create an adaptable furniture item, it had to be affordable to the market and the covers should be removable. From these key points, we began designing the Stayover. 


The Stayover consists of two sections that can be placed together as a couch using a simple but effective mechanism, or split apart to form two benches. These two benches can be placed together to form a comfortable double bed that sleeps two.


The couch can accommodate three and the benches can seat between six to eight people. This seating solution uses no fasteners other than its own assembly and mechanism to hold the pieces together. This means that the unit can be separated into four parts, making it possible for a single person to comfortably carry and transport the unit in sections; thus making it easy to manoeuvre in apartment blocks or in any situation involving stairs or lifts.


The fabric can be removed and can be replaced regularly, either for cleaning or for a different colour. Covers may be bought separately for the product. Clients may choose from a range of colours. Furthermore, the three-layered base foam can be turned, allowing the user to choose between a softer option and a firmer option, depending on their preference.


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Good luck Five45!



The Stayover - Full bed



The Stayover - Full Couch



Between 10 and 5