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Feiyue SHAPES – Interview with Nicholas Kerr (Dekor)

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The Feiyue SHAPES campaign is drawing to a close and artist number 4, Nicholas Kerr also known as Dekor, will be the last to create a SHAPES window installation at the Mooks store in Rosebank, Joburg. He ends off the campaign tomorrow following on from Gerhard van Wyk (This Pencil), Ben Rausch and Sindiso Nyoni (R!OT). We did a Q&A to get to know him a little better:


Between 10and5: When did you first know you wanted to be an illustrator?

Nicholas Kerr (Dekor): From pretty much when I started art classes in grade school, knew I wanted to do some form of arts.


10and5: Did you study Art or Design to develop your skills?

Nic: I studied at the national school of the arts but did not enjoy all the repetitive work that was handed to us. I actually left the art school to pursue other studies but did not enjoy that either until I found the spraycan & never looked back again.


10and5: Would you say you’re the kind of illustrator who is drawing all the time or do you wait for inspiration to strike?

Nic: I try to do work all the time. If I’m not doing corporate work or an exhibition, I’m trying out something new or mixing mediums. So yes, I would say I do art all the time .


10and5: What’s your favourite subject matter to tackle?

Nic: At the moment I’m really enjoying Photorealism and stencil work .


10and5: And your preferred medium?

Nic: Spraypaint, hands down.


10and5: What are the advantages to working as an illustrator in South Africa?

Nic: Well, I wouldn’t say there are advantages ’cause if you are an artist anywhere it’s always a struggle to be a known artist.


10and5: Fellow artist/designer/illustrators who you admire?

Nic: No comment.


10and5: The theme for the Feiyue + Mooks window displays is ‘Shapes’, what does this bring to mind?

Nic: A ginormous  scrap yard over flowing with scrap metal shapes.


10and5: If you were a shapeshifter, what would you turn yourself into?

Nic: A dank bud.


10and5: Without giving too much away, how are you planning on interpreting the theme?

Nic: You will see, and hopefully everybody will see it the way I see it .


10and5: What do you enjoy most about the creative process?

Nic: People’s facial expressions and the feeling of happiness when u present your finished product.


10and5: What would your dream brief be?

Nic: To design a Lego toy.




Those of you in Joburg, See Nic aka Dekor turn the window at the Mooks store in Rosebank into a SHAPES inspired work of art, from 1pm – 5pm tomorrow.


Feiyue are also running a SHAPES competition where you can win Feiyue Hamper, more info here!


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