Competition: Your Friends & Olmeca Black presents Belzebass at Assembly

Your Friends and Olmeca has brought down Italian super DJ’s Belzebass to play at Assembly’s Discotheque.

We’ve got double tickets to give away to the event. All you have to do is comment on this post or go to Lunch with Luca and Josie and comment there. We want you to tell us “Why Your Friends Rocks”.

Winners will be selected on Friday and contacted via email.

Check out the event on Facebook: Discotheque: Your Friends & Olmeca Black present Belzebass (ITA).

The full line up: Belzebass X Bteam X Liver X Tommy Gun X Kennedy X Magnum Hifi X Radio Elite X Contraband

Tickets can also be bought at:


  1. They bring some of the best musicians to Cape Town, which means we all get to squeak some serious takkie, and they collaborate with amazing artists too, so we get eyegasms at most events, oh and not to mention Blaise is a stand up guy.

  2. Note: It doesn’t have to be Your Friends the event company. It could just be a post about your friends. 🙂

  3. …My friends are awesome at soccer 😉

  4. My Friends (who live all over the world) rock in many, many ways but let me sum it up with this: They never get old, they are always up for some fun whether it’s a raucous party or a random road trip to a KFC at 4am. They get me for being me, and most important they epitomise this: ‘Do what you want and say what you feel cause those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind’

  5. Aarin Lehmkuhl

    My friends are in a band, thats makes them rock. Thus combined with all band members rocking and spectating other friends (Me) rocking together, creates a trisector of rocking! plus awesomeness!! Making your brain melt and have #Olmeca run from your ear drums! Now thats true “rocking friends”

  6. I don’t know who these “Your Friends” are but I love them and I want to share this love with the world because they are bringing my favourite electro DJ down on my mates 21st! LOVE YOUR FRIENDS, YOU ROCK!

  7. My friends made me who I am today. We rubbed of some good and bad sides of on each other but at the end of the day we learned allot from each other. The journey up until now with them was cool and if I could get these two tickets I wouldn’t mind taking my best friend with to attend this awesome show case!

  8. To start off, my friends Rock! We driving through from Somerset West! Just to see the Italians Rip It Up! So two tickets would be Great!!! And would cover petrol costs. Man My friends are so stoked that “Your Friends” are bringing BELZEBASS to Town!! So my friends dig “Your Friends” for their awesomeness!
    Tonight is going to be Gnarly!!
    Double Tickets would just put the Cherry On Top of an Awesome night thanks to “Your Friends”!!!
    Peace and Love!

  9. Congrats to Bradyn Hopking. You’re name is on the list with a friend courtesy of Your Friends. Check your email. 🙂