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Bauke Brouwer’s new short film “THE FALLEN”

Anton Crone 1


“THE FALLEN”, Bauke Brouwer’s new project, is a short film commemorating the 12 000 South African soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Second World War. It emerges amongst much hype as much of the cast, crew and locations have been sourced through social media.


“I think the subject matter also had a lot to do with people getting involved. Especially with Heritage day next month, this film definitely has something to say,” Says Brouwer,


This has been a collaborative effort between individuals who volunteered their time and expertise. Brouwer mentions that the Cape Town Heritage Group contributed greatly through supply of props and guidance.


He aims to enter THE FALLEN into “Filminute”, the International One Minute Film Festival. Last year he received a jury commendation for his film, GUMBOOTS, the first South African to go that far, and he intends to do better this year.


Follow THE FALLEN’s progress here or check out the facebook page.


These behind the scenes images were shot by photographer, Anton Crone.


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