Castle Lager’s response to Ard Matthews

Castle Lager's Response


Castle Lager was pretty quick with this tactical ad in response to Ard Matthews forgetting the words to the National Anthem at the announcement of the Springbok team for the RWC 2011 on Tuesday night. This response was already up and about yesterday morning.


Thanks to Matt Rudd (@Castle_Greyskul) for sending it to us.


Now everybody just learn the words, okay?


Anyone got agency credits for us? Ogilvy?





  1. Definitive proof that gingers indeed have no soul.

  2. That space between ‘South Afrika South Afrika’.

  3. Is this ad necessarily a response to Ard Matthews? There is no reference to him at all in it. It just looks like a World Cup ad that was flighted at a convenient time?

  4. it was apparently a tactical response to Ard. credit to the creative team at Ogilvy for their quick response. but the beauty is that it can live beyond the “Ard incident” 🙂

  5. It’s obvious that it’s a tactical response to Ard Matthews…
    Cleverly done! Go Castle!