Reverse Graffiti for Life Cycles Film Tour



Sinamatella Productions – a company specializing in bringing outdoor and action sport to the big screen – decided to use reverse graffiti by Dutch Ink to advertise their film tour of the movie Life Cycles by directors Derek Frankowski and Ryan Gibb. Here’s the story:


All of our marketing for our film tours has been focused on starting conversations using on-line platforms – email newsletters, websites, social media and blogs. Without consciously making the choice, our policy was not to print flyers or posters or billboards but to try and be as efficient and as effective as possible.

But we’ve had a re-think. After seeing an article on Dutch Ink, we fell in love with their work and the concept of reverse grafitti. It’s perhaps a bit romantic but we think reverse graffiti as a kind of ‘organic’ billboard – a means to communicate a message without disrupting skylines, lamp posts or the general urban environment. Urban art when all one is doing is removing dirt!

So we asked them to run small campaign for us in Durban as part of our Life Cycles film tour to build awareness for the tour and to garner some interest as this was our first screening in Durban.

Martin and the Dutch Ink team turned around the design and implementation in double quick time.

We then ran a competition whereby anyone who spotted one of the pieces, could send us a photo with it’s location and they would win free tickets to the Durban screening.


Nice work!

life cycles film tour

reverse graffiti


The official trailer for Life Cycles.



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