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the Drama King speaks…

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The top 5 Cape Town theatre attractions for the next week…


5. Hairspray

The Waterfront Theatre School presents everyone’s favourite 50s-style musical, ‘Hairspray’. Directed by Paul Griffiths, the Waterfront Theatre School will be singing and dancing the night away with all those numbers we have grown to love, in this production that deals with overturning racist ideals in Baltimore, through a tubby young girl who loves to dance.

Showing until 3 September at the Masque Theatre. Tickets: R70. Shows start at 8pm/2.30pm/6.30pm/3pm. Book: 021 788 1898.


4. Stuart Taylor – Money’s Too Tight to Mention

Stuart Taylor and director Heinrich Reisenhofer have teamed up once again to create another comedy with astute observations  as they explore the crazy ups and downs on the roller-coaster ride of aspiration. In his classy, laid-back, light-hearted, infectious style Taylor comes to grips with our current financial crisis and the drive to keep up with the new Joneses, and shares some humorous and inspiring tips on how to get through the rough patch.
Showing until 3 September at the Baxter Theatre Tickets: R85. Shows start at 8.15pm. Book: Computicket.


3. Monkey Nuts

Monkey Nuts is one of the finest and funniest shows you will ever see, a true comical masterpiece from the creators of Hoot and The Chilli Boy. The show, performed by multi-award-winning actor Matthew Ribnick, is a definite must-see for anybody craving brilliant quality entertainment. Monkey Nuts recently won the prestigious Naledi Award for best comedy performance. Don’t miss this mesmerizing and hilarious piece of theatre that is destined to become yet another Naidoo/Ribnick classic.
Showing 31 August – 1 October at the Baxter Theatre. Tickets: R100 – R130. Shows start at 8.15pm. Book: Computicket.


2. Living Remote

The hilarious award-winning actress Anthea Thompson comes to Kalk Bay Theatre with her hysterical comic creation Bertha Cummings. For those who have not yet met this eccentric septuagenarian, they will be delighted by her crazy observations, mad-cap antics and irreverent sense of humour. First performed as part of the all female comic group ‘Cracks and the City’, Bertha now appears in her own one-woman vehicle’Living Remote’, Bertha’s guide to life, love and pharmaceuticals. 

In this show, she explores the lighter side of ageing and the delights of roaming the Wynberg pharmacy for the latest geriatric accoutrements. Bertha continues to share with us the pleasures of healing and dealing and welcomes all audience types: healthy and ailing.

Showing until 23 September at the Kalk Bay Theatre. Tickets: R110. Shows start at 8.30pm. Book: 073 220 5430 / KBT Online Bookings



..and for the Number 1 must see this week…


1. Pieter Dirk-Uys in Desperate First Ladies

In this one-man show, Pieter-Dirk Uys will focus on the past, the present and tomorrow. Now going into its seventeenth year of democracy, South Africa has a generation of young voters who were born after apartheid was officially terminated in 1994. Today’s icon is often the imprisoned and banned enemy of the past who is now the hero of yesterday, and those old white icons that were once on the stamps and the coins are seen as the politically incorrect has-beens of today, the aikonas.
Showing 6 September – 1 October at the Baxter Theatre. Tickets: R100 – R140. Shows start at 8pm. Book: Computicket.


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