Bonus track from The Butcher’s Cut



This week The Butcher’s Friday Cut has a bonus track for your enjoyment.


This track – a remix of Heartsrevolution’s ‘Teenage Teardrops’ by local dj/producer Who Killed JR? – is being considered for inclusion on French electronic music label, Kitsuné’s next compilation album, Kitsuné 12. It’s currently up against remixes from all over the world so if you like it, make it known! Those of you on SoundCloud can leave a timed message or a favourite.


The track is available for download HERE until Monday.


Who Killed JR? is the remix project of David Anderson, composer, lawyer, gentleman and scholar who in the past produced under the moniker Next Of Kin with wingman James Smith. Who Killed JR was born during the preparation of Next Of Kin’s live set for the 2009 Vice Magazine launch in Johannesburg where it was decided to remix Daft Punk’s Robot Rock and Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing for the set … the crowd was pleased … a monster was born.


Between 10 and 5