Screen shot

Vamp Short Film



We were at the launch of the short fashion film by Jade Mulvaney in association with Nicci St. Bruce of Vamp Clothing last night. This is the beautifully shot piece for your viewing pleasure! A mention of the music must also be made, well done to Gerhard Pretorius.




Writers: Gerhard Pretorius and Jade Mulvaney

Assistant director: Johnny Maciek

Cinnematographer Frances Kroon

Camera department: Dayne Malan

Camera department: Maxine Thaysen

Production Design: Hannah Versveld

Make up: Marieke Sixx

Styling: Nicci St Bruce

Editor: Rob Smith

On set editor: Donald Nyayuhe

Music by: Gerhard Pretorius

Behind the scenes: Peter Verster Cohen

Invite and Poster by:Christopher Chase

Marketing and Strategy: Kellie Schaper and Jamie Lee Rositer


Vamp Team:

Nicci St Bruce
Tanya De Jongh
Keane Balt
Martin Magner


Between 10 and 5