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Brand new store in Obs, Moose, is brimming with charm from the astro turf floor to Morris the Moose who is mounted high up on the wall. Run by Melanie Rossline and Adeline Wilkinson, Moose is: milkshake, preserves, delights, hand-crafted bags, screen printing , design, exhibitions. We asked Mel and Adeline about their creative space:


Between 10and5: Where is your space?

Moose: 114 Lower Main Road, Observatory.




10and5: What about the area appeals to you?

Moose: The old architecture, our foreign friends and the special characters that only Obs can provide.




10and5: What were you doing before Moose?

Moose: We’re still doing it! Mel freelances in the fashion industry, doing styling, fashion production and managing fashion weeks for producers, in South Africa and Africa. Adeline is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and a 2d/3d animator, hence we craft as our hobby.




10and5: Where did the idea for the store come from?

Moose: Through many hours of conceptualizing ideas and realizing we need a spot do to what we want to do and showcase what we think is cool.




10and5: Please tell us about your screenprinted bags:

Moose: The concept behind them is to purchase and fill the bags with the ingredients of the recipes printed on them and to give that as a new, fresh, DIY gift to the people that follow the latest craze of making fresh things themselves. We also do customize screenprinting for anyone that’s interested.




10and5: What else is for sale?

Moose: Moerse lekker milkshakes. We also do pesto, the hit at the moment is our pepperdew one, and then we are looking to start stocking other designers’ amazing work.




10and5: Who designed/decorated the space? Was there a concept?

Moose: Us and friends, aka, Jaekan, Nicola and Jacques. From the painting, to the sculpting, to the laying of the grass. The concept is simple; keep it clean, neat, classic and fresh.




10and5: What’s your favourite corner or feature?

Moose: Morris the moose! Our pride and glory. It’s actually his space, we just graze here.




10and5: What music is playing in your space?

Moose: Chuck Berry and Little Richard




10and5: What will your walls never see?

Moose: Wrapping paper.




10and5: Any exciting projects in the pipeline?

Moose: So many, we don’t know where to start. Moose is all about creativity and would constantly be changing, to whatever we want.





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