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Greg Fell is in the independent film game.  He co-owns a company called The African Attachment who have spent this year traveling the world filming ultra athletes and races. See HERE. Not bad! We found out what it’s like to have his day job:


Between 10and5: Please let us know your official (or unofficial) job title.

Greg Fell: I am Producer and Co-Owner at The African Attachment.


10and5: If you studied, what and where did you study?

Greg: I studied a BA Stellenbosch University and then did some short film courses at City Varsity in Cape Town


10and5: Please tell us a bit about what you’ve been doing this year:

Greg: We’ve had 2 major projects this year.  Firstly, we have been in the final year of shooting of our feature documentary “Wandering Fever”.  This has been a 3 year project with South African running sensation Ryan Sandes filming in some of the most demanding places on earth – The Namib and Atacama Deserts, The Amazon Jungle, Antarctica and most recently the Rockies in Colorado.  Essentially the film uses Ryan’s story to explore one of the last purist sports in existence today.  Secondly, we’ve been contracted by outdoor clothing brand Salomon International to  spend the year travelling with their International Trail Running Team, documenting the year in the elite ultra running scene.


10and5:  What does it take to be good at your job?

Greg: Surround yourself with people who are really good at what they do and then try make their lives easier.  Dean Leslie, the guy who owns TAA with me and Directs, shoots and edits all of our stuff is without a doubt one of the most talented and hard working filmmakers in South Africa.  I try and give him as much as he can to make the most creatively inspiring piece we can.  Unfortunately given the freakishly tight deadlines we often have, the working environment is a tense and pressurised place so you have be able to cope with that pressure and not kill each other.  You’re learning each and every day so I guess that helps to make future work a bit more manageable.


10and5: What do you love most about it?

Greg: Nothing is ever the same – one day you’re editing in the office in Cape Town, the next we’re at the base of Mont Blanc filming scenics.  The experience is very cool.


10and5: And the part you could do without?
Greg: We share hotel rooms that doubles as an edit suite and gear storage.  Personal space is non-existent.


10and5: Weirdest task you’ve found yourself doing in the name of your job?

Greg: A few month ago we were sucking air in The Rockies, 10,000 ft above sea level, looking for a good place to do an interview – I remember Dean and I talking about how bizarre it was to be there.  We never planned for The African Attachment to get into adventure filmmaking – it just kind of wound up there and it now seems right for us.  I think based on that most of the past year’s tasks have been weird!


10and5: What has been your favourite country to visit?

Greg: Brazil.  Shooting Ryan running through parts of the Amazon Jungle blew my mind.


10and5: What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Greg: A writer.


10and5: Advice to those who want to follow in your footsteps?

Greg: There is nothing glamorous about filmmaking.  If you love it enough and you are prepared to work as hard as you can then go for it.  Also, don’t try do it alone – get someone to be there with you along the way.


10and5: Something your line of work has taught you that you didn’t already know?

Greg: A very wise guy has taught me that it’s how you end a job.  The beginning of a project is always so exciting but once the shooting is done and the edit has been going for 2 weeks straight you’ve got to be able to finish well.  It takes the most energy and normally it’s when you are most creatively sapped but it is the most crucial part of the process.


10and5: Your dream job?

Greg: Right now I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else but one day I’d like to be writing novels above the restaurant I own.




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You can follow The African Attachment’s travels on their blog or twitter or follow Greg on twitter here.


Thanks for your time and answers, Greg!


If you or anyone you know has an anything-but-average creative job then please let us know!


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