Kalahari Ads: Lucky Charm



A quirky new TV commercial for Kalahari Ads by Saatchi & Saatchi, Cape Town.




Creative Director: Sammy-Jane Thom

Copywriter: Marcelle du Plessis

Art Director: Larissa Elliot

TV Producer: Candice Brouwer

Account Director: Chris Vella

Account Executive: Blyda de Waal

Director: Greg Rom – Humanoid

Sound Engineer: Rob Brinkworth – Resonate







  1. Does Kalahari have two different agencies?

  2. The styling of this ad reminds me so much of that Axxess DSL ad with the ‘Gig’.

  3. kalahariads.com = Saatchi & Saatchi
    kalahari.com = JWT

  4. hehe funny. The location reminds me of the Wimpy Funky Town house: http://between10and5.wpengine.com/2010/04/23/wimpy-family-funky-town-tvc/ although the video has been removed now…

  5. Yet another ad that makes fun of the “kommin Afrikaners”…

  6. Watch it. That’s hate speech, DD.

  7. some art director

    What about the DOP? He was the one shooting afikaaners

  8. What are you guys on about? it’s a charming little story about an ordinary South African family. Just because you don’t wear tight jeans and don’t live in waterkloof doesn’t mean you’re kommin.

  9. I think its BRILLIANT, makes we want to log on to Kalahari right away, now that means it works!