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Made In Orphan St: Prototype

Prototype 1


Prototype collection ™ is a pop-up design concept store that showcases the work of David Krynauw, Antonie Grobler from Individua, Mark from Luna, Jared Odell Furniture & Design and Anthony Martin with his Drift furniture™. The store is a space for the public to view the furniture designers’ latest prototypes before formal release onto the market. We visited them to take some photos of their showroom and ask a few questions. Here are their answers:


Between 10and5: Where is your space?



Prototype 2


10and5: What about the area appeals to you?

Prototype: The space is very central, just down from Kloof Street and in the heart of the city centre revival. There are several design stores close by which makes it an ideal location for design lovers.


Prototype 3


10and5: How did Prototype come about?

Prototype: The space was available and several of us expressed an interest to show our latest designs (prototypes) in a space devoted completely to local design.


Prototype 4


10and5: Why these 5 designers?

Prototype: They all are craft driven and support what we refer to as the low- tech revolution.


Prototype 5


10and5: Please tell us a bit about each designer’s range:

Prototype: Designers exhibiting include David Krynauw(tm) with simple solid wood crafted furniture with an element of quirkiness, Antonie Grobler from Individua creates highly unique designs guided by raw pieces of material he finds, Mark from Luna is well established with his recycled wooden frames sold all over Europe, Jared Odell Furniture & Design  is an up and coming designer with very precise steel work and plywood, playful with a retro element to it. Anthony Martin with his Drift  furniture(tm) creates a range of furniture  inspired by raw nature ,simple living and weathered wood, he’s current theme for DRIFT(tm)is ‘bush’.  The pieces all display a sense of enthusiasm and humor, almost a sort of commentary on the current state of the world.


Prototype 6


10and5: What’s your favourite part of the space?

Prototype: The feeling of been in a modernized 100 year old city building and viewing the absolute latest in top local furniture design. The past and the future happening right in front of us.


Prototype 7


10and5: Who designed the space? Was there a concept?

Prototype: I designed the space when doing an architectural makeover of the building. For the store we wanted a simple modern feel with natural finishes and a bit of the character of the century old city building left behind.


Prototype 8


10and5: Why a Pop-up store?

Prototype: The space is only available for four months, we wanted a temporary and constantly changing exhibition feel. The prototype(tm) range will change in products and designers and might pop up at another venue after this one.


Prototype 9


10and5: Who is welcome?

Prototype: Anyone, particularly people with a passion for design and originality


Prototype 10


10and5: What music is playing in your space?

Prototype: Abstract and mysterious music, sometimes even 80’s


Prototype 11


10and5: What will the Prototype showroom never see?

Prototype: A copy


Prototype 12


10and5: Any exciting projects in the pipeline?

Prototype: The exciting release event is coming up at Prototype in October and November, new pieces will be released and the designers will be present.


Prototype 13


Prototype 14


Visit Prototype from Monday to Friday, between 13.00 & 17.00 or visit their website. The pop-up store will be open till 3 December 2011.


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