Bacardi Together

Bacardi ‘Together’ Concept Party

Bacardi Together


Tonight, BACARDI is hosting a concept party to launch their new campaign ‘Together’. The idea behind the party produced by Cow Africa is to bring illustrator, designer and artist Daniel Ting Chong, owner and head chef at Oep ve Koep in Paternoster Kobus van der Merwe and synth-scratch DJ and producer Sibot together to create their own bespoke event with BACARDI. The invitation above is a sneak look into what Daniel has been working on for the party.


BACARDI have been hosting ‘Better Together’ parties for over 100 years, and while this one is a one-off exclusive gig, it is just the start of BACARDI’s ‘Together’ campaign, where everyone will be able to enjoy the great taste of BACARDI with friends. More events are planned nationwide.


As BACARDI SA’s Brand Manager, Candace Dyson, says, “BACARDI believes humans are meant to be together because we are happier together, however as modern life has become more fast-paced, people are spending less time with friends. With the BACARDI ‘Together’ events we want to reconnect people, over great tasting drinks, and remind them of the importance of being together in person – there is no substitute for real human connection.”


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Between 10 and 5