#NowPlaying: Iron Leyden



By day Larry Leyden is the marketing manager at ORMS but at night he becomes DJ Iron Leyden – Disciple to the Gods of Rock! Read on:


Iron Leyden was born out of a desire to educate younger little punks about the awesomeness that is Old School Rock ‘n’ Roll.

As we all know, the 60s, 70s and 80s were where it all started, and more often than not – it’s also where it ended. The roots of modern Rock music are firmly planted in the rich soil that the pioneers of old laid fifty odd years ago. Hence, DJ Iron Leyden was created to pay tribute to these Rebels of Rock! These Mavericks of Mayhem! These Counts of Chaos!


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Cover design by Francois W. Nel (@thekillingjoke)


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