Featured: Luke Ritchie



Luke Ritchie is a freelance graphic designer based in Stellenbosch, specialising in “branding (my bread and butter), typography (which is my first love) and illustration (my secret love affair)”. This is a bit of that.


Luke has been freelancing full-time for about 2 years and is currently starting a luxury line of typography inspired tee’s under his clothing label ‘LuckyFella clothing co.’ Visit the online shop here.


Confucius say, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” and Luke agrees, “This is exactly how I feel about what I do for a living. Passion is key for success. One day I hope to open my own design agency, and fill the world with inspiring designs.”


See more at www.lukeritchie.co.za or dribbble.com/Luke


Luke RitchieLuke Ritchie


Luke Ritchie


Luke Ritchie


Final Ossimba logo


Luke Ritchie


Luke Ritchie



  1. Can’t wait for the T-shirts to be ready! Christmas presents lined up…

  2. i came across this design on TypeEverything – http://typeverything.com/post/9302744766/typeverything-com-the-empire-state-by-simon

    which reminds me a lot of the Lucky Fellas logo and this -http://lukeritchie.bigcartel.com/product/new-york

    who came first? Simon Ålander (http://www.flickr.com/photos/coffeemademedoit/page2/) or Mr. Richie?

    *grabs popcorn

  3. Simon and I are working together on the shirts, although Simon designed the New York piece himself. What are you implying? and how does the LuckyFella piece look anything like the New York piece? …oh and it’s Mr Ritchie, with a ‘T’.