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Mr. Cat & the Jackal – Bad Man He Comin’ Music Video



Mr. Cat & the Jackal‘s latest music video is a stop motion feat by Yesterfang Puppetry & Animation and Flyinghorse Photography. The video is for the song Bad Man He Comin’ off their album Sins and Siren Songs.




Bruce Geils of Flyinghorse Photography let us in on the process: Yesterfang developed the concept for “Bad Man” after hearing this awesome song and asked if I would like to be involved in this epic project. I’ve worked closely with MC&TJ since 2009 as a fan, friend and photographer. The band gave us total creative freedom after seeing Yesterfang’s storyboard and then we were set.


We shot most of the video on a Fresian Stud Farm about 100km’s outside Bloemfontein and a few scenes just outside Swellendam on a friend’s farm. Almost everything used in the video was picked up or salvaged on the farm. We shot about 8000 images in total, edited them, built sets ourselves, carried props, stayed awake too many nights, ran out of food and electricity once, used a cars headlights for lighting and then had to push start the car twice in the middle of the night, repaired puppets x 100, had bizarre nightmares, drank too much coffee and then we edited the final video together. We wanted viewers to know this is old school puppetry and not CGI.


Between 10 and 5