Banksy Because

Sanja Postic’s Temori Dolls

Banksy Because

Banksy Because


We really enjoy these “Temori Dolls” conceptualised and made by Sanja Postic who is usually a digital designer but decided to make something off the computer for a change. Some info from Sanja herself, “This  is my idea and an upcycling project I have been working on for 3 years. I make toy-like art conceptually influenced and inspired by contemporary and modern art and artists.” You can see Sanja’s reference next to each image.


The Temori Dolls are part of an ongoing exhibition at David Krut Projects, Arts on Main, Johannesburg and the pieces were exhibited at the Joburg Art Fair last weekend.


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Catelan Elephant

Catelan Elephant


Dali Bunuel-pianodeath

Dali Bunuel - Piano Death

El greco-Catelan

El greco - Catelan


Gauguin Green Christ


Gauguin - Yellow Christ

Marcel Duchamp-nudechess 1

Marcel Duchamp - Nude Chess



Magritte - Mr Mac

Magritte - Mr Mac



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