Eagle Awards campaign by King James



The 2011 Eagle Awards campaign is by King James and Mnemonic.


Here’s a little history on the annual print advertising award:  Back in 1996 Independent Newspapers decided to do something proactive to promote and develop exceptional print advertising in South Africa, and so The Eagles Print Awards were born. Since then The Eagles have become the benchmark for print advertising in South Africa. With the Black Eagle being so tough that it’s only ever been awarded 5 times.


The team behind the campaign:


Executive Creative Director: Alistair King

Creative Director: Devin Kennedy, Michael Wilson

Art Director: Cameron Watson

Copywriter: Michael Wilson

Illustrator: Pete Harrison


Creative Director: Bruce Wright

Designer: Richard Masefield

HTML: Richard Masefield

ASP coding: Bruce Wright


Find the website HERE.


Screen Shot of the Website

Screen Shot of the Website


Between 10 and 5