sugar cube lamp shades

Liam Mooney’s Micro Range

sugar cube lamp shades


Liam Mooney is an artist/product designer with an eye for South Africa. He has been designing, forming and producing furniture and other products under his label for over five years. Amidst the worldwide trend of reusing, revamping and recycling, Liam has found a niche market for his green Micro Range.


The range manifesto states that:


– All products are to be manufactured by Southern African businesses, community upliftment movements or home craftsmen.

– Each piece must be hand crafted and must be created using mostly Southern African traditions, techniques or be unique to the region.

– Materials must be produced or sourced in Southern Africa or should be reject materials.

– Each product should offer contemporary solutions using traditional techniques and unwanted materials.


All wood used for the Micro Range is FSC approved and is duco sprayed or oiled and waxed using natural and organic products. The light fittings are all designed to fit only energy saving bulbs. There is a heavy focus on creating furniture that is functional, beautiful and easy on the planet.


Visit to see some of Liam’s latest works including the just released Balafon Chair.


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