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Buitenkant Street, Cape Town. Image Shani Judes ©

PASTE: Donna Solovei

Donna Solovei


Shani Judes of SJ Artists presents the 3rd PASTE artist feature:


Today’s featured artist is Donna Solovei.

Bio: Donna Solovei is a little thing. But her work – illustration-based creations adapted to suit different mediums, is pretty big. Hers is a playful, intricate world bursting with life while remaining delicate in its expression. Donna’s most recent obsession has been the merging and melding of animals – an imaginative world of might be’s and could’ve beens where two become one.


There is a certain kind of sensitivity to aesthetics in Donna’s work; she employs natural lines, influenced by the textures and shapes of the world around us, to depict her characters. Creating awareness in her own way, Donna’s love for animals is depicted in her drawings. Even as more animal species become endangered, Donna goes beyond the expected to create impossible new breeds on paper – Hycupines and Pythopards roam free in the jungles of this artist’s mind.


Wide-eyed in wonder, she puts up on the walls, the things that don’t exist but that she pines to see come to life in the world. Donna has studied at both Chelsea College of Art and Camberwell College of Art in London and has a BA(hons) degree in Illustration.


Mew Way, Khayelitsha. Image Jonx Pillemer ©

Mew Way, Khayelitsha. Image Jonx Pillemer ©


PASTE: This one got loads of attention (you will see in the video soon to be launched). It was PASTED onto a family house in Khayelitsha, and when the father saw what it was once it was up, he just grabbed his friends and kids and started posing and showing off his beautiful new addition to the family home.


To view more of Donna’s work please visit


Buitenkant Street, Cape Town. Image Shani Judes ©

Buitenkant Street, Cape Town. Image Shani Judes ©


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