iheartjobs iPad giveaway (and an iNternship)

Thursday was a very sad day indeed. The passing of Steve Jobs serves as a massive loss to the world as we now know it. To commemorate this special man and the amazing products he and his team created, we’ve partnered with AquaOnline to bring you a special competition.

The brief is simple: Design an iPad wallpaper that pays tribute to Mr Jobs in the way you think is best. The overall winner gets an iPad (so that wallpaper won’t go to waste) and the top student gets an internship at either Aqua JHB or CT.

The competition is open to everyone, and entries close Friday the 28th. All submissions must be original creations, and must include your name, number, where you study/work or if you’re a freelancer. Please use the submissions form below.

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(this page has been edited since it was first published. The terms and conditions and requirements have however stayed the same, except for the date which has been extended)


  1. Submit your Apple inspired iPad wallpapers, its the right thing to do 😉

  2. Love the concept! Is there a specific wallpaper size that these entries need to be?

  3. no size limits! perhaps try keep it to a standard desktop size.

  4. First World Problems. Now 1% of the first world fears for its gadgets and its sense of self-worth. A blow to humanity as a whole indeed.

  5. is it ipad? or ipad 2?

  6. Awesome!!! Fingers are crossed for myself. Hahaha

  7. Ah ok, so the right size to use would be 1024 x 1024 pixels right?

  8. letsholo mmoke

    Atlist i had something to do for mr jobs…wish i had this moment while he was still alive

  9. This is a cool way 2 say goodbye n long live 2 Mr Jobs…

  10. Can you enter more than once?

  11. @Mache Yes you can enter more than once!