Clover – Way Better



The new Clover TVC created by Joe Public.


Live action directed by Bruce Puynter from CAB Films

Animation directed by Jannes Hendricks from Shy the Sun

Final 3D animation by Black Ginger



  1. I Like it, but looks too much like the Coke a Cola fun factory.

  2. I think any video or imagery made with that dream-like sequence will always have that as a reference. If you know the rest of the work by Black Ginger and Shy the Sun you’ll know that this is typical of their style. Beautifully crafted work.

  3. its ‘shy the sun’ – not shy of the sun

  4. Lovely Craft, but overall still too similar of an idea to Coke’s happiness factory. Pity.

  5. Thanks Rrrisk – fixed now.

  6. Seems like there is a glitch in the Matrix. Tried watching but a “This video is private” message appears.

  7. Looks like the link above is broken – but found it on their channel:

  8. Seen one, seen them all…nicely done though.

  9. Beautifully designed, crafted and executed, I thought. Best animation I’ve seen locally produced. Respect and congratulations @blackginger @mr_jannes @joepublic

  10. craig@wickedpixels

    awesome stuff as usual, well done guys, great production design and animation.

  11. From a strategic point of view I was left thinking wtf?! They’ve cast an elderly black man and his grandson and the rapport between the two is culturally incorrect. ” Grandfather where does Clover come from? Grandfather?!?” errr no. At the end of the ad I was left wondering who the ad was supposed to be speaking to exactly. It would be interesting to know whether that kind of creative will even resonate with the brands target market. Though beautifully crafted i think the ad is a strategic fail whose comparisons to the coca cola happiness factory are sadly warranted.

  12. Chest Rockwell

    Beautifully done – but I have to agree with hmmm regarding feeling not sure about who the target market is exactly. The kid referring to his grandfather as, well, ‘grandfather’ killed the experience before it even began. Advertising without cultural capital tends to do that. Nice try Joe Public – better insights and understanding of cultural nuances next time would help you out immensely though.

  13. Beautiful craft, no doubt. But Shy The Sun really need to branch out – they increasingly come across as a one trick pony. Pretty Pony, though. I also agree that the live dialogue is phoney (and wooden) – and that this is basically a Happiness Factory also-ran….

  14. Who actually calls their grandad “grandfather” in this age? It sounds like something a Briton would’ve said half a century ago. As for whether the ad is good, bad or “meh” all it made me do is compare it to Happiness Factory. Thumbs down Joe.