PASTE: Yuma Yoshimura


Yuma in Khayelitsha for the first time. Image © Shani Judes


By Shani Judes:


Today’s featured PASTE artist is Yuma Yoshimura from Japan. Yuma is currently in South Africa doing an artist residency at /A Word of Art.


Born 1980 Tokyo, Japan. Yuma Yoshimura received his BFA in printmaking from Tama Art University in 2004. After spending many hours on the streets of Tokyo for inspiration, YUMANIZUMU became his main field of art creation in 2008. Hand painting is the major ingredient for Yuma’s visual art work such as his original shoes and 2D works. YUMANIZUMU will never stop exploring the duality in the chaotic world.


View Yuma’s work http://yumanizumu.jp/


I invited Yuma to come join in on PASTEing in Khayelitsha. He came along when we went wall scouting and he said it was nothing he had ever seen before and was so grateful for the inspiration.


Below is Yuma’s PASTE. It went onto the home of one of the leaders in the community and we had some children helping us to PASTE his.


Image © Jonx Pillemer

Image © Jonx Pillemer

Local kids joining in on the pasting.  Image © Shani Judes

Local kids joining in on the pasting. Image © Shani Judes

Between 10 and 5