Lexus Print Ad

Lexus Hybrid Hatchback Print Ad

Lexus Print Ad


This print ad for Lexus’s new luxury hybrid hatchback, the CT 200h, by Draftfcb Johannesburg features the car in a surreal landscape next to a creature made from the same materials as the vehicle. The concept: the CT 200h is so advanced that, in this world, animals have evolved to incorporate its features.


Ivor Forrester from Draft explains more about the landscape in the ad, “We wanted to create a surreal world dominated by the CT 200h’s dashboard lighting colours – the dash shows blue when the car is powered by electricity, red when it is driven by the petrol engine. We turned to award-winning photographer, Gerard Turnley and an audio/visual production company in Cambridge, London, to achieve the desired effect.”


Infrared photography, something we’re seeing more and more of, was used to create the world of distorted colour. The computer-generated animal was created by Will Powell and his team at Wilma Studios, Cambridge. Rob Frew did the final retouching.



Agency creative team – Aviv Weil, Sergio Ines, Louise Hutchinson, Ivor Forrester and Frank Kunene.


Between 10 and 5