Ray-Ban sleeve

Tag 8 Media for Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban sleeve


Since 1937 Ray-Ban has been associated with the impossibly cool, Johnny Cash, Audrey Hepburn, Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan to name a few. Today, they are on the lookout for these elements in the next generation and to do so have launched a campaign with Tag 8 Media across SA’s top universities.


Tag 8 Media has an extensive coffee shop network across all the major varsities which serves their media on the coffee cup sleeves. For this campaign the coffee cup sleeves all display a pair of pop out Ray-Ban sunglasses. Students can photograph themselves sporting the pair of card sunglasses, upload their pic to Ray-Ban’s Facebook page and stand to win one of twelve pairs of genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses.


To optimise exposure of the campaign, which runs from 15 September to 15 October, Tag 8 also included posters and coffee cup lid stickers.


On campaign credits Tag 8’s Andrew Frank says,”Credit goes to Ali Hine- the most awesome creative, and our visionary clients Thera vant Hof and Karen Gold from Ray-Ban.”






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