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Featured: Linton Davids



29 year old, Cape Town based artist and music producer (sLabofmisuse), Linton Davids, has been painting and creating works since his early teens. He tells us about the inspiration for his art,”All of my inspiration comes from my day-to-day life. I take everything that I absorb on a daily bases, consciously and subconsciously, into the studio with me and it organically resurfaces while I’m creating. I rely on intuition in my working process and in the act of painting and sculpting itself, with the outcome seldom being predetermined. I mainly work with wood, acrylic, oil paintsticks and ink.”


Having never shown his work publicly before, besides to a few friends, Linton thought it was time to share his art in conjunction with the release of his debut album on the 26 Oct through Cold Busted Records, based in Denver, USA.


Click on the images to see the materials used.







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