Hunter’s – You can’t change your chinas TVC


  1. Did the strategist write the rhymes? Cos they’re a shame. Damn this is 1/13456 as cool as it could have been. Missed opportunity.

  2. Super laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame! Trying way too hard to be trendy and cool.

  3. haters gonna hate

  4. big block of lame. shame

  5. I’m sure the creatives arent to blame for this one. I can smell client’s involvement from a mile.

  6. Looks like your video link is broken. I had the same problem! Just stops on 5 seconds?

  7. Dylan – It was doing the same for me but when I clicked to remove the green ‘Not a fan yet?’ pop up message then it played through. Maybe try that…

  8. Its looking better than the previous one….nicely done…Tumi kills both the rappers wit her singing..