BANKSY Choose your weapon 2010

34 FineArt – Outside

BANKSY Choose your weapon 2010

BANKSY Choose your weapon 2010


34 FineArt wants you to go Outside. Catch its Urban Contemporary group exhibition between 25 October and 19 November which will showcase some of the world’s best Urban/Street artists.


Art, graffiti, graph-art. Call it what you will, it has its place firmly set in contemporary society whether it’s seen as commendable art talent or tiresome visual pollution.


After 34 FineArt’s ground-breaking exhibition in 2009 the gallery now celebrates new recognition for this medium by hosting pieces by artists including:

·         Bansky (UK)

·         RD357 (USA)

·         Blek le Rat (France)

·         FAKE (Netherlands)

·         Dal (China)

·         Faith47 (SA)

·         Jade Doreen Waller (SA)

·         Falko (SA)

·         Black Koki (SA)

And lots more.


The multifaceted movement otherwise known as Street Art is interesting and boundary-crossing. Artists use stencils, spray-cans, skateboards, street walls, music and fashion to express their messages through the various mediums. This tribute to the “outside the system” art form will focus on Mr Brainswash the moniker of Los Angeles-based filmmaker and pop artist Thierry Guetta who has spent the last decade putting together the ultimate street art documentary.


Make sure you check it out!


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Between 10 and 5