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You Need The Hippo by Native

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Briefed with changing the perception of Hippo – of – and making him more human and accessible, Native came up with a two part campaign.


The first part involved performing Kind Acts of Randomness. Hippo took his obsessive compulsive disorder online and onto social media platforms, where he searched for people in need or in distress – and brought a smile to their day by surprising them in real life.


How it worked:

To start Native monitored tweets using ORM tools like NodeXL, BrandsEye and Mentionmap to qualify their candidates and measure their connectivity and influence in the social media world.

For the next step they found an ‘accomplice’ or someone close to the candidate to aid them in the co-ordination of the project and then orchestrate a surprise relating to the candidate’s tweet.


Like so:




And the results thus far:

  • Fans increased by 3,261 (from 2,413 to 5,574)
  • Post views increased by 104%
  • Mentions on Twitter more than tripled, from 40 in the first month of the campaign to 140
  • Conversation spikes occur on Twitter after every Kind Act of Randomness, 30 – 50 percent increase in conversation.


The second part of the You Need The Hippo campaign consists of a Need-o-meter Facebook App which allows users to compare friends’ statuses, identifying the most needy. The app then lets users send their friends in need a “Hippo-gram”, a personal video from the Hippo to lighten their mood, give them encouragement or celebrate their birthday.




The results:


  • The app has been visited 1399 times by 594 unique visitors
  • Users spend, on average, 6:17 engaging with the application and traffic overall shows a low 25% bounce rate.
  • In the last 19 days, 409 hippo-grams have been sent, and 744 videos played from within the application.


Try it for yourself over here or let us know what you think of the campaign in the comments.


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