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Condiment illustration for Plascon

Featured: Jarryd Kin

Condiment illustration for Plascon

Condiment illustration for Plascon


Co-founder of Says Who illustration studio, 1 half of ‘Asian boy band’ Mao and freelance illustrator Jarryd Kin has recently added .com to the end of his name and launched a portfolio website.


These are some examples of what you’ll find there and this is some info on him by him, “My name is Jarryd Kin and I’m this guy that was born and raised in Johannesburg. I studied at Vega and co-founded the illustration studio Says Who ( with my buddy Nicholas Christowitz. Earlier this year, I moved to Cape Town to pursue my freelance career as an illustrator, VJ and designer.


Messy Perfection is how I describe my style – it’s the process of finding beauty in the chaos of imperfection. The biggest (and weirdest) project I’ve worked on this year so far has been the Plascon ‘Art from Mess’ campaign, where I painted with household mess such as tomato sauce, mustard and mayonnaise. It’s quite an abstract idea and I’ve done nothing like that before but I guess that’s what makes it cool! My friend Daniel Ting Chong and I also have an Asian boy band called Mao. We’re thinking of dressing up as Draco Maofoy and Mao Gibson for Halloween.”




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