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My Day Job: GRIET



Artist management and event design company GRIET manages cream of the crop SA artists such as Haezer, Lark, Double-Adapter, Yesterday’s Pupil and kidofdoom and has thrown the best parties you’ve ever been to.  This weekend is no different as they bring their notorious dress-up Halloween party to Cape Town in conjunction with Your Friends. Check out The Haunting of City Hall event page. We caught up with Dominique Gawlowski and Johan Auriacombe from GRIET to ask about their day job.


Between 10and5:  Please let us know your official (or unofficial) job title.

Dom from GRIET:  Artist management, Event management, attempts to financial manage.

Johan from GRIET: Marketing and Events Management


10and5: If you studied, what and where did you study?

Dom: I studied film at UCT, got my degree there, then I went to AFDA and studied film there but didn’t finish.

Johan: I studied BCom Business Management at Tuks in Pretoria


10and5: What does it take to do what you do?

Dom: Ability to maintain and not lose your temper in extremely stressful situations (I tend to go a bit ‘Ari Gold’ on people sometimes, which is not good), be a night person, not get offended by people easily and do not be offensive, patience, be honorable and just do your job well. You are only as good as your reputation in this industry.

Johan: Well I think Dom pretty much summed it up.


10and5: The event you consider your biggest success?

Dom: I have a few for different reasons, but I would say the highlights are GO! GO! (Cape Town, City Hall, April 2011), Halloween 2010 (Pretoria), GRIETFEST (Joburg, August 2011) but in terms of attendance and a mile stone in GRIET’s growth as an events company I would say GRIETFEST wins it!

Johan: For me it was Grietfest 2011. There was just so much energy in the crowd, the fun level was super high and we had over 2000 people. But hey, I reckon the I*> Halloween Block Party just might beat that.


10and5: Has anything ever gone majorly wrong?

Dom: Haha! YES!! (I could write a book about this one but I’ll be brief) We once collaborated with another events company to bring a DJ from Europe for a tour and he had never actually toured before at this point in time, so didn’t know things like POWER CONVERTORS are an essential packing item for a DJ. So 2 hours before the doors opened, he plugged his computer in for sound check and the thing literally EXPLODED! Sparks shooting out of his Macbook. His whole hard drive along with his entire set…GONE. No music, no laptop, no backup, no nothing. He also missed his flight, also didn’t speak English, he also didn’t have a passport, it went on and on but it was an awesome experience none the less! But mostly we have good guardian party angels who always get us out of tight situations.

Johan: Last year we hosted Cyberpunkers from Italy on a rooftop in Pretoria and the building’s power box exploded meaning that Cyberpunkers had to play to a completely dark rooftop with only 2 monitors pointing at the crowd. But hey, people still had fun and that’s how you learn. Fortunately Cyberpunkers are really cool people!


10and5: The weirdest job-related situation you’ve found yourself in?

Dom: Wow, a lot! but standing with Moby waiting for the elevator was pretty weird for me, “ground floor please Moby!”

Johan: Imagine this “Win free tickets to Griet’s 2nd Birthday. All you need to do is post a photo of yourself doing something crazy.”


The winner – Yes, that’s a real tattoo and this person now works for us…hahahaha:


griet tattoo


10and5: The SA live music scene as you know it in 5 words?

Dom/Johan: An ongoing explosion of awesomeness.


10and5: Any industry secrets?

Dom: Lots, first one being, don’t tell anyone your secrets.

Johan: Don’t owe anybody money.


10and5: Advice to those who want to follow in your footsteps?

Dom/Johan: If you are in it to be a “cool kid” don’t even bother wasting your time, it will take years before you see money, there is no promise of a future, but there is the promise of having the best and worst times of your life with unforgettable experiences and a chance of seeing the world. So it depends on what you value in life. If having security is the most important thing to you then I would say do something else with your life. But I like having stories.


10and5: Your dream job?

Dom: I guess I’m kind of doing it? Except in my dreams I have an island, with a yacht and an in house masseuse!

Johan: Anything that lets me be creative.


Thanks GRIET!


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