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Bheki Bandla

Featured: Bheki Bandla

Bheki Bandla


Today Bheki Bandla is a multi-media designer based in Johannesburg but his interest in design began way back in the class room and progressed from there. In Bheki’s own words, “It all began with constant drawings in primary school. Then it later transcended to graffiti writing in high school which later on influenced my love for Typography.


After my matric I studied fine arts at the University of Johannesburg. During that course I discovered my love for Multi-Media Design while surfing the net and coming across sites such the Behance network. UJ is where I got my drawing and painting background from which you can see influences my designs with dynamic lines and splashes of paint, brush strokes and lots of fun colour use.


I then left and went on to study Multi-Media design at City Varsity, Newtown where I was really attracted to digital art and motion graphics. In 2010 while studying I began working with Mixanathi along with Dj and music producer Waxmus. My love for music was combined with my obsession for creating awesome designs, mostly designing event flyers.


I graduated earlier this year at City Varsity and am still on the journey of placing my mark amongst the best designers in South Africa and internationally.”






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